IVF Procedures

Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Treatment & Process

IVF is one of the most effective solutions to infertility. As a result of improvements in the basic IVF procedures that have enhanced their success rate, thousands of babies are born every year. At Asian IVF, the technology and Dr. Woo’s experience come together for providing the best fertilization solutions that generally go through five different stages.

Stage 1: Ovarian stimulation
There are several medication protocols that are followed for ovarian stimulation that lead to higher egg production in the woman. Prescription drugs and injections containing follicle stimulating hormones help complete this process. So, unlike the natural one egg per cycle, up to 10 to 18 eggs are produced and are monitored till the time they are ready for retrieval and for putting through the next IVF procedures.

Stage 2: Egg retrieval
The necessary number of eggs are retrieved directly from the ovaries through a needle that is guided through ultrasound. The woman is put under anesthesia so she doesn’t have to feel any pain. It is usually a ten minute procedure after which the fluid with eggs is passed to the IVF lab at our clinic.

Stage 3: In-lab egg fertilization
Eggs meant for in vitro fertilization pregnancy are fertilized in the lab. This happens in a safe, enclosed space, usually a petri dish in which either the sperms are directly injected into the eggs or thousands of motile sperms are mixed in a small drop of fluid with eggs. The process of fertilization is dependent on a set of complex interactions between the sperm and the egg.

Stage 4: Incubation
After the process of fertilization, the embryos are allowed to grow inside an artificial incubator. That is because at the initial stage, it might not be safe for them to survive inside a natural uterus. All the charts, paperwork and sperm prep materials of our individual patients are labeled so that there is no confusion and they can be identified easily as and when required. The incubators help maintain a happy, healthy, constant and clean environment for the embryos to thrive.

Stage 5: Embryo transfer
This is the final stage in the IVF process where the incubated embryo culture is carefully placed inside the uterus with the help of a catheter. This is a very critical stage and demands absolute precision in terms of placing the embryo at the right location. So, this too is an ultrasound guided stage. The woman is usually supposed to minimize physical activity that day and follow the instructions of the doctor to maximize the chances of a safe pregnancy.

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